Who We Are


Who We Are

The People of Salvage Communications

James Dawson - CEO with a background in web development, strategy and company management.  He developed and implement web strategy for C4D, Polio Communication, HRBA, Gender Equality, Disability and Adolescent Development teams. Developed 15 websites for these teams. 6 years experience with UNICEF’s information infrastructure, IKM practices, requirements of cross-cutting strategies and C4D content and priorities

He has also built division-level communication platforms for SAP and LexisNexis. The cutting edge content delivery systems were built to help information flow across the sales, marketing and production silos. These projects addressed many of the silo issues that C4D teams face as they integrate across programmes.

Scott McConville - Chief Technical officer and experienced software development manager and coder for business process and workflow applications and websites. Proficient in,, SQL database, SharePoint, Drupal, Wordpress & PHP. Experienced IT network administrator, proficient with Microsoft servers, disaster recovery, and virtualization with strong project management and organization skills.

Vivek Bellore - A social media and digital strategist and analytics expert 11 years of experience, Vivek has consulted for fortune 500 brands like Microsoft, SAP and Epson to improve new product development, re-launch brands and target new markets.

Gates Foundation - developed partnerships between media agencies, telecoms and the creative community to generate original, educational content.  At Attention, managed all strategy, analytics, research and planning, and spearheads the agency’s partnership with Tracx to develop a best-in-class social analytics tool including social media analysis for UNICEF.

Christine Prentice - Research Lead

Chris works as a design researcher,  strategist and and user researcher across a variety of projects that include digital applications, websites, field guides, student travel services and a pop-up store. Champion for the target market and user perspective throughout design processes and grounding force in design decision-making.

Clients: Billboard, Danspace Project, Education First, Girl Scouts of America, New York Restoration Project, North Star Fund, Peace Dividend Trust, Share Our Strength, Vera Wang, Weatherproof

Special Projects: Helped digital design agency, FOUR32C, integrate cost-savings “discovery” phase into its design process and successfully justify the inclusion of this work with established clients.